In the summer of 2012, an extraordinary team of creatives from Los Angeles and New York City embarked on an ambitious video project to dish up insight into the skyrocketing alternative art, fashion, music, and nightlife culture in Beijing, China.

Through blog posts and bite-size video-stories, The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing offers world travelers an inspiring insider’s view into one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding contemporary art, music and fashion scenes in the world. The Secret Guide covers everything from the city’s major attractions to offbeat art galleries and shops, interviews with key innovators and influencers in Beijing’s creative community, as well as practical information and more.

The Guide is updated often. Please check back regularly for new content.

The Team

ZOETICA EBB is a the guide’s co-creator, host and writer. She’s Moscow-born, LA-raised artist, writer and photographer, dedicated to proving that life is as beautiful as we make it. Zo is the originator of the popular art and style blog, Biorequiem, offering unorthodox fashion advice, lifestyle tips, cultural commentary, and answers to questions about everything from quitting art school to learning to love the world. Zoetica is a co-founder of Coilhouse – an acclaimed magazine dedicated to all aspects of alternative culture, and the founder of D4RT – a program that brings art supplies to impoverished communities worldwide.



DANIEL FREI is an independent award-winning filmmaker, who has produced, edited and directed documentary films, music videos, commercials, live broadcast and reality series. His work has been broadcast on major TV stations. He is the co-creator and executive producer of “What’s In Your Bag?!™” a web-series by international fashion guru Andre J. He is the owner of the production company The Frei Group. A native Swiss, Daniel Frei is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Swedish. He recently started to learn Chinese (Mandarin).



SHIEN LEE is an event producer and creative force behind the exciting Dances of Vice productions in New York City. A native of Taipei, Shien Lee has also worked in Honolulu, Prague, and Montreal prior to establishing her home in New York, where she founded the boutique event agency, Shien Lee Creative Group. Shien’s diverse cultural background and passion for creative design is reflected in her work as a pioneer of avant garde nightlife, new romantic lifestyle, and innovative event design.