Accountable Beauty With Chen Man

January 28, 2013 at 7:27 pm

Chen Man has been bending rules and augmenting reality at the forefront of Chinese fashion photography for over a decade. Her seductive, dreamy images in Vision magazine back in the early 2000s propelled her to fame and soon led to gigs with MAC Cosmetics, Elle, Vogue and Bazaar. In 2012, Chen worked with i-D magazine to create twelve covers for their “Year of the Dragon” issue, and the projects keep on coming. Employing themes like water, authenticity, love and Chinese culture, to name a few, Chen Man’s beautiful, frenetic and decidedly strange universe stirs the imagination with each new shot.

We talked with Chen at her multimedia company, Studio 6. Between fussing with a radioactive orange top, being blotted by assistants and sipping tea, she revealed a charismatic, self-assured young woman, conscious of her unique role, eager to tackle the world and her responsibility within it – bringing modernism to China and bringing China to the West. Here, Chen Man discusses changing mediums, art world acceptance, pioneering the Chinese fashion scene and about using the visual language she’s developed to change the world.

Chen Man online:


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