Destination, Beijing’s Premier Gay Club

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Destination is Beijing’s premier gay club that’s been around for over 8 years. It’s more than just a club though – this imposing building in the Chaoyang District is a multi-story cultural center, with themed party rooms and bars on the first floor giving way to art galleries above, followed by community areas and a free HIV-testing clinic at the very top. There is even a cafe!

A few pointers:

  • Weekdays here are on the quiet side, but Wednesdays and the weekends are off the proverbial hook
  • The staff is attractive, friendly and largely English-speaking
  • The cocktails are good and priced to sell – expect to spend around $6 per
  • Though Destination’s chief patrons are men, plenty of women come to play, as well
  • Expect to party with hip young locals, tourists and expats alike – Destination brings people together

Founder Edmund Yang strives to maintain a world-class establishment and has cultivated much of the club’s success by inviting internationally-known DJs to play, drawing instant crowds in Destination’s early days. He gave us a private tour before the party kicked into gear and discussed his club, what it’s like to be openly gay in Beijing and what the future might look like for China’s LGBT community.

Club Destination
East Chunxiu Lu / Gongti Xilu 东春秀路工体西路
7 Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District
Sun-Thu 8pm-2am; Fri-Sat 8pm-late
6552 8180

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