Hottest Sounds and Coldest Drinks at Dos Kolegas

February 13, 2014 at 12:46 pm , ,

The best venues are often hard to find, which goes triple for Dos Kolegas – a dive bar so exceptionally clandestine, one might think they want to keep their fresh-grilled snacks, garden pool tables, and wide, well-priced selection of booze all to themselves. But seclusion has its benefits at this hoppin’ joint:  without neighbors to disturb, bands on the eclectic roster can play extra-late. At 2K you can count on the hottest up-and-coming musical entertainment – assuming you can find the place. Thirsty for tequila and culture one hot summer night, we decided to drop in, imbibe, and listen to Beijing’s self-proclaimed “disco witch” favorites, Nova Heart.

Nova Heart Promo 2 small
Photo by Liang Du

Helen Fang, Nova Heart’s sultry songstress and keyboardist, is known for her honeyed vocals and volatile stage presence. A Beijing native raised in the states, she’s been making music back in town for over a decade – clearly the right dame to give us the 2K lowdown. Since we filmed this segment, Nova Heart exploded onto the international music scene – their debut album hasn’t even been released, yet they’ve already toured all five continents – a Chinese music history first! Grow to love them at the NH official website.

Dos Kolegas 
Phone: +86 10 6436 8998
Address: 21 Liangmaqiao Lu 亮马桥路21号
Inside the Maple Drive-In movie theatre complex, which is across the street from ChaoYang Park North Gate. From Lufthansa Center (Yan Sha), go east 500 meters, and look out for the neon Maple Drive-In sign on the North side of the road. Open 8pm-2am Mon-Sat, 10am-9pm Sun, cash only. If you get to enjoy 2K in the summertime, take note: owners Liu Miao and Gaofeng grow their own mint for mojitos!

Further Nova Heart clicking: NH FB // NH Bandcamp // NH Tweets

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