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Sometimes even the most adventurous travelers need a touch of home. If you find yourself craving a bit of Western culture, but don’t want to punish your body (and soul) by giving in to fast food chains, there is a quirky hangout that just might sate your needs.


Welcome to Monica’s Home – a social space modeled after the famous “Friends” character’s apartment.  The attention to detail here is quite impressive – you half-expect to see Phoebe or Rachel come bounding out of a bedroom. Monica’s makes it possible to scratch your itch for kitsch while enjoying the best latte in all of Beijing, where good coffee is hard to find. And if that’s not enticing enough, the desserts are killer, too.


Monica’s is far from a tourist trap. Ironically, despite being drenched in late 90s Americana, it’s a great place to mingle with locals. They definitely reignited our fire to tackle the city by giving us suggestions some choice, real Beijing experiences. Examples? How about taking a martial arts class in an old mansion whose previous owner was a general to the Emperor, or checking out the city’s best belly dancer (who happens to be male).


A word of warning: you better have a great sense of orientation, as finding Monica’s is a real challenge even for the most savvy urban explorer. The café is located on an upper floor in an apartment and office complex – part of a huge, modern development, so good luck finding it!  If you fail, you can always give the owner a buzz for directions.

So, in the eternal words of Joey Tribbiani, “How you doin’?”

Monica’s Home

Subway Station: Da Wang Lu
Da Wang Lu (Da Wang Street) Wan Da Guang Chang (Wan Da Guang Chang Complex) Number 4   - Room 806.

Name: Monica的家
Address: 北京市朝阳区大望路万达广场4号楼806
Phone: Monica: +86 186 1003 5540
                 Rachel: +86 139 1123 0369


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