Studio Visit with Zhang Qiang

Studio Visit with Zhang Qiang

Those interested in veering even further off the beaten path during their visit to the Caochangdi Art Village will love IOWA Collective: a complex of greenhouses just outside of the Caochangdi perimeters, converted into artist live-and-work spaces, with corn growing all around. IOWA residents often take part in sweeping collaborative projects and agree to a semi-communal lifestyle, with their doors [...]

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Pekin Fine Arts at Caochangdi Art Village

Caochangdi is a haven for artists and other creative-minded folk about an hour from Beijing’s city-center. A maze of elegant minimal brick buildings, this art district is filling up with galleries, co-ops and artists lofts, and hails as the alternative to the commercial glitz of the 798 Art Zone. Meg Maggio, owner-director of Pekin Fine Arts and long-time Caochangdi resident, [...]

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